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Frequently asked questions

1What is a building automation system?

A BAS is a network of small, dedicated microcomputers designed to control various parts of a building, such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, elevators, blinds, boilers, chillers, fans, and other parts of the building infrastructure. A scalable and flexible building automation system is the foundation of any energy conservation program for a building.

2How can a building automation system benefit me?

A well designed system effectively reduces energy consumption year after year. When a building automation system is installed in a building or office park, it is programmed by Bitcreative to very tightly control every aspect of the building that consumes energy. These programs optimize the building to maximize the comfort of occupants while reducing energy costs (electric and fossil fuel). Ongoing changes and adjustments to the system continually refine energy conservation measures and report on any areas where energy use may be excessive.

3What type of applications can building automation be adapted to?

Building automation controls can be installed and programmed to specific sequence of operations for both commercial and industrial applications.

4How do I know if my building is running at its highest potential energy efficiency?

Bitcreative offers energy services that can profile the energy use at any building or set of buildings. These services include metering, auditing, remote monitoring, and methodical measurement of the complete building envelope and related systems. The results of this type of service are an energy efficiency report, likely areas of improvement, and the payback that can be expected.

5How do I find what is using the most energy in my building and limit this demand?

Energy demand in buildings depends largely on the climate where it is located. Lighting typically consumes 30-50 percent of electric demand. Heating and air conditioning varies by region, but can consume 20-40 percent of energy (gas, electric, and oil). Office equipment typically consumes 25 percent of the electric bill. Demand can be reduced by scheduled off or setback periods, peak demand monitoring and load shedding, the use of drives and by applying hundreds of control techniques that are specific to the equipment being controlled.


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